Prof. Development

ALPFA - El Paso Student Chapter

Intended to work in the creation, organization and implementation of programs, workshops, conferences and activities for ALPFA members that will help them develop new knowledge and skills for the work environment.

ALPFA El Paso, TX is one of the 144 chapters around the country. Founded in 2009, our chapter has been growing through the years. Being the only organization focusing on the Latino community on the College of Business, we guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for our chapter. We pride ourselves in helping students from freshman through seniors, that simply need to know how to proceed in today's businesses. 

El Paso Chapter

Community Service


Work in the creation and organization of projects and events that promote ALPFA, in and out of UTEP, from which the members can raise funds as a nonprofit organization.

Focus on impacting and creating a mindful environment among members with social related projects, by understanding and learning about the greater El Paso and Juárez community.

Use a range of methods to get the word out and promote the organization, some of which are Facebook, Instagram and more. ​​Share your ALPFA story and encourage other students to join! 


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