Community Service

Comparte tu Felicidad 


ALPFA members volunteered at an event named Walk of Hope. This is an annual event, organized by Candlelighters-El Paso, which is a non-profit organization. The community service event served as a way for members to understand more about the community of El Paso. Members were able to help with various activities throughout the day, such as playing with the kids, doing arts and crafts for the event, and organizing toys. 

​Comparte tu Felicidad is an annual community service held in the great border city of El Paso named, Ciudad Juarez. ALPFA – El Paso has been organizing this annual event now for the 4th year in a row. This idea started with the President and Vice-President at the time, as an event to help a group of kids get a toy for Christmas. Today, this event helps about 100 children and teenagers, to get a toy for Christmas. Comparte tu Felicidad is the biggest community service event ALPFA – El Paso has, but it could not be possible without the help of other student organizations in UTEP. This year ALPFA - El Paso decided to collaborate with GEEO, MAES and Vision Mexico. What this three organizations have in common with ALPFA is that all four value giving back to the community and all four organizations have a majority of Latino members.

Community Service Events 2016 - 2017

Walk of Hope

In ALPFA – El Paso we value giving back to our community. Providing events to cultivate on our members the value of contributing to those in need. Members will engage in activities that will foster their professional development, by collaborating in events with our Professional Chapter. Focusing on making an impact and creating a mindful environment among members with social related projects, by understanding and learning about the greater El Paso and Juárez community.